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Jane & Scott Fraser (*sns) are connected

They see the big picture. They see the possibilities. They know how to win.

They are the Differentiation Strategists & Identity Intensifiers known as Wizard of Ads Atlantic. 

Their complementary strengths will give you a leg up on your competitors. 

They will help you win.
Differentiation Strategists & Identity Intensifiers
Scott Fraser ~ Differentiation Strategist
Photo by Josh Fraser 2013
Scott is a true blue entrepreneur. 

He knows what it takes to make a business successful - the systems, policies, staffing; and the magic that comes from surprising and delighting the customer.  
He knows what it is to have (all) his money on the line and to have to make it work. Yes, Scott has stood in your shoes. 
His tactical intelligence gives rise to triumphant differentiation strategies. His adrenaline rushes when he gets to take a business: 
  • twist it inside out, 
  • design a distinct personality and 
  • generate a legion of customers who consider themselves kin.   
Jane knows how to intensify the identity of a business.

That's how she helped grow over 63 businesses in varying business categories, since 1987.

She starts by:
  • digging for the hidden gem that will galvanize the differentiation strategy 
  • then weaves your story from the strategy and 
  • delivers it with an intrusive media campaign. 
Jane Fraser ~ Identity Intensifier
Why you want them for your business
Are you ready to grow your business?
*Siblings not Spouses
Scott & Jane Fraser are
We're in the 
ATLANTIC Time Zone    (just an FYI)
You’ve made the decision. It’s time to take your business to the next level. 

Working harder is rarely the solution to growing a business. 

Wizard of Ads Atlantic are butt-kickin' good  at looking at a business and seeing growth  opportunities. They develop differentiation strategies and intensify the identity of a business so it will grow organically.  

When they do that for your business, you're free to do what you do best... negotiate the course, execute the business-end of the strategy, and grow your business.

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