A DIRECT RESPONSE ADVENTURE : decipher & dénouement


by Wizard of Ads Atlantic on 01/07/14

2014 skidded into Atlantic Canada mere moments before I touched the tarmac after bobbing above the terra firma for two turquoise weeks.

I’m refreshed, rejuvenated,                  
and still rollicking to the rhythm
of the waves I left in my wake.

My brain, surfing the swells of
ideas an
d impressions that, will influence and
accessorize the many corners of my life.

My next adventure?

Wizard Academy and the first public viewing of Roy H. Williams’ “How to Write Direct Response Ads”

I got my first taste of this new information back in September (2013) when the Wizard Partners met in Orlando for Cirque du Soleil’s sensory popping La Nouba
The show is mesmerizing. But it was Roy and our Wizard Partner Jeff Sexton who rocked my world; drawing the curtain and firing the flood lights on La Nouba’s spinning techniques of communication.

Jeff and Roy have done the hard work. They’ve de-twirled the whorls of Cirques communication. Yes. I’ve followed them through the secret door. But unlike that nasty winter virus, one exposure isn’t enough.

So, I'm off to one of my favourite places in the whole wide world to step behind the magical curtain to learn more about the cleverly costumed inner workings of Cirqueing. 

We'll talk soon, ok?  

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