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by Wizard of Ads Atlantic on 03/10/14

Our attitudes aren't a reflection of when we were born; they're a reflection of the times in which we live.

In 2003, Roy H. Williams introduced the Wizard of Ads Partners to his research based societal theorem, Pendulum.

Now a published book, “PENDULUM - How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future” identifies the forces influencing our politics, manners, humor, sexuality and wealth.

Pendulum deciphers where we have been and where we are going by identifying the generation at society’s helm.

During the Idealistic Cycle of 1963-2002 Boomers rejected conformity.

In 2014 we are eleven years into the 40 year Civic Cycle, and once again we find ourselves commingling with the voices of change.

Cell phones and email are rewriting the rules of commerce.

Word of mouth has grown into a muscular beast.

“Interconnectivity” moves with lightning speed. Online chat-rooms, blogs, Twitter and instant messages are ensuring that, good or bad, the word gets out.

As we continue our move into an era of transparency; we are becoming more adept at spurning pretense.
  • Today, it is harder than ever to win new customers through advertising alone.
  • Today, you must say something powerful instead of merely saying something powerfully.
  • Today, the little things you do are far more important than the big things you say.
  • Today, it is as much about your company’s culture as your product.
  • Today, your words must align with your actions.
  • Today, you must deliver to your customer the experience that you promised them.

In this Civic Cycle era, you had better be who you say you are or pray that consumers have mercy on you. 

Good luck with that.

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