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  • The number of people who hear or see your message in one week
Market Potential (MPo)
  • the total dollars available in your marketplace for your business category
Product Purchase Cycle​ refers to how often the average customer is in the market for a product.

Because we eat more often than we buy a car, ads for restaurants will yield results much faster than ads for cars. Nearly every person reached by advertising will eat at least one meal in a restaurant this week, but only 1 in 452 will be involved in any particular 3 to 5 year product purchase cycle. 
The longer your product purchase cycle, the longer you'll have to invest in advertising before you feel like it's working. The ramping-up period usually takes 20 percent of the product purchase cycle to no more than 40 percent. 

The advertiser selling a product a customer purchases once every 5 years will likely be one to two years into his advertising plan before he feels like it's really beginning to pay off.
Share of Voice​ (S of V)
  • An advertiser’s percentage of all the advertising done in their category. Location visibility, signage, word-of-mouth, etc. are included in this metric. 
  • To increase your share of voice, increase your advertising. 
Share of Mind​ (S of M)
  • The amount of mental real estate an advertiser owns in the mind of the public. 
  • Share of Voice x Impact Quotient = Share of Mind
Impact Quotient​ (IQ)
  • An ad's ability to convince 
  • Relevance x Credibility = Impact Quotient
  • The average number of times people are exposed to your message in a one week period
  • The same listener needs to hear the ad roughly 3 times a week, 52 weeks a year for that advertiser to become a household word
Effective Reach
  • The number of people who hear your message at least three times a week 
  • The more people who are "effectively reached" the greater your opportunity for success
Unleveraged Assets
  • The ace you forgot you had up your sleeve
Limiting Factors
  • anything that is holding you back
Personal Experience Factor (PEF)
  • The world inside your door - what your customer experiences when they do business with you
  • The PEF creates the buzz around your business. If the word on the street does not line up with your message, your message has no credibility
Ad Speak
  • Clichés, empty phrases, unsubstantiated claims and hyperbole – the language of yesterday’s advertising. Words without weight, having neither relevance nor credibility
Felt need 
  • A desire in the heart of the customer. To speak to an unfelt need is to answer a question that no one was asking
Identity Intensifying Strategist
                      Designs and executes the tactics that evocatively personifies a business through the conveyance of the 
                      differentiation strategy.  When done correctly, intensifying the identity of a business will help it grow   

                      Identity intensifying tactics include but are not limited to:      

Differentiation Strategist
                     Provides a business with an unequivocal and sustainable competitive advantage over its  competitors by: 

Advertising Performance Equation
  • S of V x IQ x PEF x MPo = Sales Volume
Don't worry! You don't have to know all of this stuff. 
It's just a sample of some of the things we take into consideration as we help you grow your business.
  • touch points
  • ​messaging
  • ​intrusive media campaign
Commodity Revolution  |kəˈmɒdɪti| |rɛvəˈluːʃ(ə)n|
dramatic and wide-reaching change of how a commodity is viewed and purchased by replacing consumer apathy and indifference with enthusiasm, passion and loyalty. Soon to be a book near you! See Milne Court
translate into understandable language                  
where matters are explained or resolved                  
deciper & dénouement
a collection of writing, translating a collection of ideas, concepts and things that make us go hmmmm, into the language of small business owners - boiling the idea down to one simplified point that we hope will serve as a springboard for inspiration. 
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  • identifying what will motivate customers to consistently choose one business over another and

  • creating an actionable strategy that will build customer loyalty by perpetually delighting customers.