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 About Jane & Scott Fraser (siblings not spouses)
Since her first step into the marketing field in 1988, Jane has 
developed thousands of campaigns for over 63 different 
businesses in a variety of business categories. 

Along with her client list, Jane was the Research Analyst (94-98) 
for Chum Radio Halifax. Delving into the proprietary research 
database she identified psychographic and demographic profiles, 
leisure activities and media habits of the market's various consumers. 
Her interpretation was invaluable in the development of resonating 
messages and powerful promotions.   

Her depth of experience led to her sitting on the
Bureau of Broadcast Measurement's national committee that designed 
BBM's “Return to Sample” survey, developed to identify consumer 
profiles for pre-specified companies, business categories and products 
in Canada’s major and medium markets. 

Jane loved working with the research because it helped answer some 
of her many questions. 

Jane always wants to know why. She needs to know how

She needs to be able to deconstruct it, reconstruct it and replicate it

It was this insatiable curiosity that led her to Wizard Academy in 2003 
and the Wizard of Ads Partner Group in 2005. 

Jane honed her skills working with Roy H. Williams. Her systematic 
process of uncovery helps business owners clarify their market position, 
long and short term goals, how they measure success and identify their 
unleveraged assets. 

The differentiation strategy and core message cannot evolve until this information is gathered and deciphered. 

Jane’s propensity to look at things from every angle serves her clients well. When her intuition sends her digging, Jane often uncovers correlations that undergird the nexus of her marketing plans.  

Some examples of Jane's work include:  

  • When Jane discovered that Maritime Volkswagen drivers were significantly more likely than the market average to down-hill ski she connected her Volkswagen client with the C100 Ski Team. This allowed the dealership to forge personal connections with local skiers. The next winter a ski rack and skis were standard equipment on the Volkswagen Trek. Coincidence? Perhaps not. ;-)

  • Pets Unlimited, a locally owned big box store, was the first of the genre to open in the market. Well run, with good products, an aversion to puppy mills and big on animal care, they wanted to combat the impersonal image of big box stores.  Jane’s solution? Petsology 101. An 8 week, Saturday morning course for kids and their parents to learn the abc’s of pet care from Pet's Unlimited staff as well as special guests from industry specialists. Due to its immense popularity, Petsology 101 was rolled it out 3 times a year. As a bonus their radio commercials won the top award at a national Radio competition.  

  • In 2001 Jane worked with a Career Resource Centre.  Their immediate goal was to solicit volunteers to tutor adults working toward their high school equivalency diploma. Jane created a high voltage campaign that allowed potential volunteers to feel the fear and frustration of daily struggles caused by one’s inability to read or do basic math. Powerful creative delivered by an intrusive media campaign produced an extensive bank of volunteers ready to go to work.

​A full-time Wizard of Ads Partner, Jane works in tandem with her brother Scott, executing their 2 day in-depth uncovery, developing the differentiation strategy and the tactics that will magnify and intensify the business's identity.  

As Jane begins to assemble your story she uses all her tools. She uses evocative mental images. She surprises Broca. She uses particle stack, particle conflict.  And when she has finished crafting your story she delivers it with an intrusive media campaign. 

That's why Jane's known as the Identity Intensifier
Jane Fraser 

After a career ending shoulder injury and subsequent surgeries, Scott returned to the Maritimes to study Business Administration at the Université de Moncton.  

August 1985. 22 years old and the ink still wet on their finals, Scott and a university cohort opened Spanky’s Pub. Here Scott cut his teeth on inventory controls, hiring practices, motivating staff, job combining, red ink and enticing people in the door.

Spanky’s was “the biggest house party in town” and everyone was welcome. Scott’s love of music hooked up with his non-existent entertainment budget and gave birth to Spanky’s legendary “Monday Night Jams”.  
Scott embraced his entrepreneurial spirit at the age of five. At 10 he began his move up the corporate (step)ladder as the go-to-guy of his father’s Ford Mercury dealership until venturing 
off to play semi-pro hockey at the age of 16.
In 1997 the impassioned city of Moncton, New Brunswick won the bid to host the East Coast Music Awards. Scott’s penchant to partner with symbiotic businesses resulted in Spanky’s - the home of up and coming artists - hosting the record setting “75 Hour Jam”.  

For 75 hours the sun refused to set at Spanky’s as a packed house voraciously imbibed the tunes pouring from the hearts of East Coast troubadours. 75 hours, 75 bands.  It was historic. 
  • The local Cable station broadcasted live for all 75 hours.  
  • Guiness World Book of Records recognized the 75 Hour Jam as the“Longest Continuous Live Music Event”.

In adherence with his core values Scott has organized a string of extremely successful events, fund-raisers, and festivals; raising over 10 million dollars for charities in a market of 130,000 people
  • Moncton Kinsman Charities - "24 hours in June"; Relay Chairperson 1988
  • Moncton Kinsmen Charities - "24 Hours in June"; Relay Media & Promotions Coordinator 1990
  • Wishmaker Parade New Brunswick; Chairperson 1993
  • Wishmaker Concert Series; Chairperson 1993-1998
  • Children's Wish Foundation of Canada - New Brunswick Chapter; Board-Member 1993-1997
  • Children's Wish Foundation of Canada - New Brunswick Chapter; Chairperson 1996
  • Children's Wish Foundation of Canada National Board Member; 1996-1998

Fourteen years of music, dancing, charity events, life changing friendships and relationships, entrenched Spanky’s in Moncton’s DNA

​In 1999, Downtown Moncton Inc. honoured Scott by cloaking him "Friend of Downtown Moncton" in recognition of the downtown core's regeneration through the implementation of his revitalization strategies.

Shortly thereafter, Spanky's was sold and Scott continued to follow his entrepreneurial spirit opening, running and selling a myriad of businesses; each started and run on a shoestring while he developed them into vital, successful businesses.  

In his spare time he was also a:
  • part of the start-up team of Spielo Gaming International - a multi-billion dollar video lottery terminal manufacturer 
  • a consultant for the Business Development Bank of Canada

Scott currently owns and operates the category dominant Milne Court Petro-Canada in New Minas, Nova Scotia and is a differentiation strategist in the Wizard of Ads Partner Group. 
Scott Fraser ~ INTP
Mr. Downtown Moncton 
Jane Fraser ~ INFP
Scott Fraser 
“...because that’s the way it’s done” has never flown with Jane. 
Jane & Scott Fraser (*sns) are connected. They see the big picture. They see the possibilities
They are competitors. They know how to win and they love to help other people win.

Their Myers-Briggs personality types succinctly identifies their strengths:
  • loyal to their values and to people who are important to them
  • curious, quick to see possibilities 
  • catalysts for implementing ideas 
  • seek to develop logical explanations
  • contained, flexible and adaptable
  • always analytical
  • able to focus in depth to solve problems 
Jane and Scott bring vital and complementary skill sets to their clients and to the Wizard of Ads Partner Group. 
Scott with his two boys, Sean and Josh, after a couple of great hours on the ice together.
Jane Fraser and Carneol competing in FEI Intermediare 1 in Blainvile, Quebec.
"To skate with ease, bend your knees to 90 degrees" Coach Scott coaching keen young skaters.
Jane with her dad, Lorne Fraser, after winning the Atlantic Canadian Dressage Championships in 2003.
Scott Fraser, Captain of the Quebec Remparts QMJHL, 1981.
Scott and Jane on their way home from Wizard Academy, stopped in Toronto to watch Scott's youngest son Sean play hockey for Upper Canada College.
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