As your differentiation strategist and identity intensifer Scott and Jane Fraser (*sns) of Wizard of Ads Atlantic will help you grow your business. 

It begins with a phone call or email to set up a meeting (face to face or Skype) to discuss your goals, your needs, what Wizard of Ads Atlantic has to offer and to see if there is a fit between your company and theirs; you and them.   

Once your alliance is official, Jane and Scott will to come to your town for 2-days to meet with you, peruse your business, your competitors and the marketplace. You will need to be available for both days because they will want a lot of information that only you can give them. They'll investigate the competitive landscape, look at how and where the money is spent. They'll get a gut feel for the market. They'll look for opportunities. 

They will be looking for your strengths, your weaknesses, for your unleveraged asset. They want to see how people view your business, why they do business with you, why they don't. They'll evaluate your offerings and if needed, find ways to elevate it to a level that consistently delights your customers. You'll provide them with a lot of the information, the rest they will discover for themselves.

​Armed with information and insights, they return home to:

   1. determine your differentiation strategy

   2. define the core characteristics and theme of your story 

   3. identify and place the most effective media-buy for your budget

   4. write your messages
​Wizard of Ads Atlantic has a two tier payment structure. An upfront fee for the 2 day "uncovery/assessment" and a smaller monthly fee for executing your media strategy. 

  • Upfront "uncovery" payments start at $5000 USD
  • Monthly fees have started as low as $500 and as high as $10,000 

Our fees vary from client to client because they are based on the current size of your business and your capacity for growth. 
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Studies have proven that there are consistent patterns in how different groups of people like to gather information, make decisions and interact with the world. Much of what appears to be random variations in behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, and are due to basic differences in the ways individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.

There are many benefits to understanding your own preferences including how they affect you and your: 
  • style of communication 
  • interactions with the people in your life.

While all the preferences are equal, each has different strengths and different challenges. Understanding the personality types will help you understand and appreciate how and what everyone has to offer in: 
  • a situation 
  • ​a task 
  • ​problem solving

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is the versatile instrument for the assessment of personality type. It is based on Carl G. Jungs theory of psychological type and developed by Isabel Myers and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs. The MBTI® instrument sorts for preferences and does not measure trait, ability, or character.

Jane and Scott Fraser are MBTI®​ Certified Practitioners. They work with individuals, groups and businesses conducting assessments and workshops that foster improved communication, personal development, conflict resolution and blueprints for change.
Advertising and Marketing:
  • Creating Word of Mouth
  • Developing Your Brand
  • Calculating The Ad Budget 
  • Selling to Introverts
  • The Advertising Performance Equation
  • Selling to Introverts
  • Transactional vs Relational Customers
  • The Brain and how to circumvent it
  • 10 most common mistakes in advertising
  • The 4 Business Models 
  • ​Personal Experience Factor
  • Wordsmithing
  • Cause Marketing
  • Marketing's
  • 6 Tugs of War
  • Secrets to Effective Advertising

So you've been put in charge. 

It's up to you to choose the right person to speak to your business group. 
Someone who has valuable information. Someone who's been there and not just done it - but has done it well
Wizard of Ads Atlantic may be exactly who you are looking for. They are seasoned speakers who are willing to speak to small groups, big groups and large groups. They have a wealth of knowledge and time tested information that they would love to share with your group. 
They can speak for a half hour; an hour or two; or create a one day workshop for you. 
Here are some of the things they have up their sleeve. Pick one or mix 'n match. 
One Day Workshops
Life and Leadership
  • ​Setting Your Flight Plan - Goal Setting and other performance provoking stuff
​Do you have questions?
  • ​Setting Your Flight Plan - Goal Setting and other performance provoking stuff
  • A Commodity Revolution
Jane Fraser has spoken in really cool places like 
  • Australia 
  • Virginia 
  • Toronto 
  • Moncton     
  • Halifax
Scott Fraser 
has rocked audiences in 
  • Austin   
  • Denver 
  • Nashville
  • Tuscon
  • Moncton
  • Halifax
From: James Spruin  
Sent: January-21-13 3:51 PM

To: Scott Fraser
Subject: RE: Milne Court
Hello Scott,
This email furthers a message left at your station just now. I would like to come see you later this week to discuss your 2013 contract.  For 2012, we realized incredible growth at Milne Court Petro Canada;

Growth year over year in litres: 50.4%!!!
Would you have time for me later this week to review the 2012 year and discuss 2013. If so, please provide me a good time for me to come in to see you.

Thank you, Scott.

James Spruin
District Sales Leader - Annapolis Valley
Farmers Co-operative Dairy Ltd.
Jane and Scott are 
Type IndicatorⓇ 
Certified Practitioners
From: Jennifer Price 
Subject: Just looking up your website
Date: April 15, 2013 12:57:51 PM ADT
To: R Jane Fraser 
Wow. I have seen the wizard of ads mention on your facebook for quite some time, but only just now thought to look it it up - I ASSUMED (even though all good advice will steer you clear of that) that this was just a charming way of defining the work you do.
Again, Wow. I love that you have flipped all that advice and insight and smarts that you used for years to sell ads and create campaigns into a consultancy based soley on that advice. I bet you are absolutely great at it.
I have enjoyed the bit of time I spent on your pages this morning - I realise that I know very little about your rich and interesting life. Thanlks for sharing on your blog and facebook. It is always insipiring for me to see women I admire filling their lives with passion and joy and blending it all into career.
Just what I needed this morning.
Cheers to you and congratulations on your new (well, new to me) business. Knock their socks off!

  • Marketing from the Inside,             Marketing from the Outside  
Jane & Scott Fraser... 
Siblings not Spouses
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